Monday, 15 October 2012

A satisfied client

Was pleasantly surprised to receive this unsolicited testimonial from an appreciative client. Didn’t think of posting it here until now.

I should take this opportunity to share a bit about how I usually conduct my 5S training.

Besides helping the trainees to understand the meaning and application of 5S (through lots of practical examples), my primary goal is to help them to develop a keen eye to notice 5S ‘problems’. Very often, our senses become dulled with time, and we fail to notice how messy, untidy and dirty our workplace have become. To help my trainees to ‘recalibrate’ their eyes, I make them form teams and do an audit of their own workplace and assign a score for Seiri, Seiton and Seiso. I tell them, “from now on, when you patrol your own work area, you must put on 5S spectacles.”

Surprisingly, I find that their standards were often even stricter than mine! Maybe it’s because my own senses have become dull after visiting so many dirty factories.