Thursday, 21 June 2007

Interesting Example of Seiri

In my previous article about getting rid of clutter (Seiri), I mentioned that we should even get rid of useless thoughts and habits! Well I came across something quite similar to that in an article in Today (the newspaper) today.

Writing in his regular Focus on the Family column, Dr James Dobson gave this advice on how to handle the problem of Anxiety.

“It is widely believed now that general anxiety such as agoraphobia or other specific fears are the by-products of powerful feelings that have been repressed, and we must learn to deal with them ….. Only when we’ve begun to clean up the powerful emotions that we’ve stored away in the toxic dump of our minds, will we rid ourselves of the their seepage into our daily lives”.


Anonymous said...

In the book 'How to stop worry and start living' by Dale Carnegie, which has a short story inside. It was about a farmer who had already a handful of worries of his farm, on top of that US had entered the WWII, and his anxiety nearly drained him up emotionally. He decided to list all his major fears on paper and kept it inside his drawer and felt some relief after that. When the war was over, he took out the list and went through it. He found that none of his major fears came true. As the Chinese use to say that sometime human beings worry about 'what heaven will do' but in the end nothing happens

Anonymous said...


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