Monday, 15 September 2008

Seiso your computer keyboard

In the Sunday Times, Life Section, there was an article about dirty computer keyboards. Often they are much dirtier than they look. According to a British study, our computer keyboards can have five times more germs than a toilet seat. And in Singapore, the report says that many people like to snack at their work station and at the same time never clean them. Such dirty workstations become the breeding ground of disease-causing bacteria that can cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea or worse.

It looks like this is one good place to implement 5S; especially the 3rd S, Seiso. Let’s begin with a question. Do you clean the keyboard regularly? And how do you do it? (Seiso)
As me, I use this duster once a week or so. I find it very effective because the bristles can reach in the places where a cloth cannot reach. Previously I occasionally use a cotton bud. However, it is always better to practice prevention (Seiketsu). Don’t eat when you are at the keyboard!

Besides the keyboard, I also used this duster to ‘wipe’ my LCD monitor. As for those areas behind the computer which is difficult to reach, and where dust tends to accumulate I use this mini-vacuum which I bought at Best Electromart for only $18. But I find that the suction power is a bit weak; which means I need to clean more often when the dust is still easy to remove.


pehsk 白成杰 said...

Dear Lam,

You may want to use plastic bag or a piece cloth to cover the key board or computer to prvent dust from entering. Seiketsu!

Zen said...

Why not combine the two process together by covering the keyboard when not in use, regularly clean it by using a duster and suck out the dust through the mini vacuum cleaner.I am sure these two-in-one maintenace of the keyboard would have better result.

Mockingbird said...

My computer keyboard is dirty like hell :p Even though i don't eat over it :p

Zen said...

Now I fully realise the importance of preventive maintenace, which is widely practised by meticulous engineers, however small the tasks are, and progressive upkeeping is the trick. Let take for example small stains in a bathroom, if they are not periodically wiped off, the stains would be in the long run, difficult to remove. It is as simple as that.

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